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Networks • Wi-Fi • Security • Lighting and Shading • Automation • Home Entertainment

Established in 2017 and based in the heart of Cheshire, Cheshire Smart Homes offer reliable and guaranteed design, installation, and support services to developers, M&E contractors, businesses, and homeowners.  Cheshire smart homes is dedicated to supporting you and your smart technology and smart home needs.  

Our core services are designed to keep you connected, safe, comfortable, and entertained and offer a support service for peace of mind.  Smart Homes in Chester have never been more accessible and cost effective.

We also operate across the country. So if you are looking for Smart Homes in Mayfair, Smart Homes in Manchester, Smart Homes in Liverpool or Smart Homes in Birmingham then why not check out our other websites


Our Services


Our core service which we are proud to have delivered across the UK and Europe is designed to ensure we find the best provider to offer you the network speeds for your lifestyle. Not everyone needs the fastest speeds and the associated cost. Our connected service includes a home survey to understand the network speed you need and then advise on the best solution and price for you. Our Wi-Fi service is designed to help you identify the reasons for poor Wi-Fi performance in your property and design a solution that gives you the coverage you need. Whether working from home, hybrid working, or you have a family that demands coverage and speed we are here to help you.


The essence of staying safe is to ensure you have a network that can keeps your home monitoring connected. Our safe service includes external property monitoring covering burglar alarms and video doorbells to external lighting, CCTV installation and video monitoring. If you are concerned about the inside if your property our safe service also includes installation of a range of smart devices such as smart technology enabled smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection. Our safe service is designed to give you peace of mind that you are safe in your own home with all images, videos, alerts, and alarms available on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Whether you are at work, at home, awake or asleep. If your priority is safety is then we are here to help you.


Once you are connected and safe, you want to be comfortable. Comfort is a state of wellbeing and covers temperature, lighting, and shading. Our comfortable service will help you think about the temperature of your spaces, consider the lighting you need to enjoy those spaces and identify how the spaces should be shaded throughout the day and evening to keep you comfortable. Our comfortable service includes a free home survey to understand your lifestyle and discuss which solutions would work best for you from heating and lighting design to shading fabric selection and control. If your rooms don’t feel comfortable for you and you need some support in choosing the right solutions to improve your comfort, then we are here to help you.


Once you are connected, safe and comfortable then like most people you deserve to be entertained. Our entertained solution includes the design and installation of the best home TV’s, screens, projectors and surround systems for you. Our Entertained service includes a free home survey to understand your needs, preferences and budget and discuss the solutions that will work for you. Our Entertained service ranges from single room surround sound and home entertainment solutions to multi room and whole home entertainment. Are you not entertained? Why not? If you need more music, gaming, or movies in your home then we are here to help you.

Cheshire Smart Homes.

A single point of contact for all things digital.

Networks • Wi-Fi • Security • Lighting and Shading • Automation • Home Entertainment

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