4G / 5G WiFi network


Are your devices slow and do your TV shows buffer?  We can help by installing a high speed 4G or 5G network

Are you tired of your slow internet connection?  Are your devices slow and do your TV shows buffer? We can help

Service Includes:
  • Home Survey to identify best placement of your router
  • Check signal and coverage for major operators
  • Installation of 4G/5G Router and new network
  • Connect devices to the new network
  • Install and align external aerial (if permitted) to increase speeds
Service Excludes:
  • Network costs from ISP/Telco providers which must be in residents name
  • Submitting any planning permission if needed
  • Hire of scaffolding / lifting equipment if needed
  • Installation of mounting poles if needed
  • Running cable internally if needed

All of the above are available at additional cost


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