Home or Business WIFI Survey & Extension


Can’t watch Netflix or IPTV?

If you are having trouble with your devices dropping out, you need a WIFI survey and extension to ensure you have the right connectivity for your home and lifestyle.

Home or business WIFI Survey & Extension in Chester

Is your network provider really giving you the speed you need?  Are they promising “Seamless, super-fast Wi-Fi, everywhere” but you experience drop outs and freezing?

Let us provide you with a Home or business WIFI survey & Extension in Chester to show how your network is performing and where any issues are and extend your network with power line extenders.

What is included
  • Provider check – We show all providers and the best speeds for you so you don’t have to search
  • Survey – The performance of your network in every room of the house
  • Speeds – What speed are you getting and where you should extend the network to improve coverage and speed
  • Recommendation – What conversation you should have with your provider about the speeds you are getting versus the amount they charge you.
  • Advice- What changes can be made to your existing network to make it perform better for you.
  • Provide two new powerline range extenders
What is excluded
  • We do not look at standard TV aerials
  • We do not provide advice and guidance on your subscriptions
  • Additional range extenders are available for £59.99
The small print
  • This service is scheduled for 1.5 hours based on a three bedroom property, larger properties may require more time, more extenders and cost more to perform.
  •  The findings of the survey are based on the network performance at the time of the survey and your Internet Service Provider may change your provision at any time.
  • The service is designed for the main internet service providers operating in the UK but we cannot guarantee we will cover every service provider.
  • This survey does not cover “smart home installations” and our engineer cannot provide advice and guidance on home automation configurations.
  • We will do everything we can to accommodate client requests to reschedule surveys  but additional charges may be incurred if we cannot accommodate a request or multiple changes are made.
  • The service is chargeable if our engineer visits your property and there is no-one available.
  • We will make every endeavour to attend on time. If for any reason there are any delays due to traffic we will contact you in advance to arrange a different time / date if necessary.


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