The Benefits of Natural Light Harvesting

We are blessed with lots of natural light in the UK, but we also find that our days are shorter, depending on the time of year. As a result, we find that the natural light we have is not enough and so, we naturally turn to artificial light to give us what we need.

However, it is possible to get better control over how you use shading and light using Lutron products to help provide the right level of natural light and shading where required. While these products come in the form of smart lighting and smart blinds, it is important to understand the benefits that come with natural light harvesting.

Save Energy

With energy prices rising exponentially, it is important that you do all you can to reduce your bills and take advantage of your natural surroundings. When you have two systems that work side by side, you can benefit from more natural light as this will help to increase natural warmth and light. This prevents the need for artificial lighting and heating at the same time, all of which can help you to reduce your energy bills by 24%.

Improved Health and Wellness

We are naturally drawn to daylight and artificial light, when used for long periods can seriously harm our health. However, when you have shading and lighting systems working side by side, it can help to improve eye strain by 51% which is important when working or watching TV while you will reduce drowsiness by 51% and the likelihood of headaches by 63%. This is because your property will receive just the right amount of light that is healthy. The sensors will measure the lux levels and that ensures that the light is never too bright or too dim.

Enhanced Control and Automation

With smart lighting and blind systems, you will be able to have greater control over light and shade. With the ability to monitor light and take back control, you will be able to make sure that your system is running as effectively as possible. With a high level of automation, it means that your system works for you and not against you. Furthermore, you won’t need to continuously open and close blinds or turn lights off and on. It’s all taken care of for you and that makes daylight harvesting a great addition to any property.

Improved Sustainability and a Reduce Carbon Footprint

Daylight harvesting makes it possible to reduce your carbon footprint and this is particularly important at a time when we are all in need of reducing our footprint and our energy use. What this means is that you can naturally heat your home, reduce the use of lighting when it is not required and make our homes and workplaces greener.

For daylight harvesting to work correctly, it is important that your smart shading and lighting system work in tandem. To achieve this, you require a network that is both reliable and capable of handling this. This is where Wi-Fi 6 and a reliable network connection is vital which is why you should have it installed by a professional engineer.