TV Mounting and Installation in Chester

Are you looking for TV Mounting and Installation in Chester? Our expert team will Mount and Install your TV in 1 day

Mounting flat screen televisions to the wall is space-saving and gives your room a sleek, uncluttered look and enhances your overall viewing experience. 

You don’t have to worry about dusting off that huge entertainment centre that took up the bulk of the living room. This is one of the biggest advantages of professional TV Mounting and Installation in Chester. 

 It won’t be crooked

A professional TV Mounting and Installtion in Chester will ensure that your television will be hung perfectly straight and even, so that you can watch all your favourite shows and sports without having to tilt your head to the side.

 You’ll get the right height

You might not know this, but how high to hang your television is critically important. The correct height to hang it up is at the viewer’s eye level. This can, of course, depend on the height of your couch and how large your television is. 

Having a professional install the television for you will ensure that you won’t be straining your neck or your eyes.

Most 8K 75” TV’s require two people to hand the TV because of the size, not so much the weight and allows you to look at the placement of the TV taking all the guesswork out and getting it right first time.

You won’t risk breaking your TV

The cost of flat screen televisions has gone down considerably in the last few years, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they’re cheap.

Professional TV mounting safeguards your television against faulty installation, slippery hands, or an inadequate mounting system that wasn’t the right one for your television. Having Cheshire Smart Homes handle the installation means that you’ll be much less likely to hear that awful sound of the television hitting the floor in the middle of the night.

 Hanging it incorrectly could damage your wall 

Televisions are much lighter now that we’ve left behind the clunky, oversized sets of the past, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not still a hefty thing to hang on your wall. The average television weighs 30kg to 45 kgs, depending on the size of the television.  Because this is a huge amount of weight to put on your wall, any false moves and it could cause some serious, lasting damage. To avoid dealing with a drywall faux pas, it’s best to hire a professional to do the work so you can rest assured they will hang up the television correctly and safely.

What is included



  • Dismount old TV and mount new TV
  • Client supplies brackets and fixtures
  • Mon – Sat


  • Dismount old TV and mount new TV
  • We supply parts *
  • Mon – Sat


  • Dismount old TV and mount new TV
  • We supply parts and connect peripheral devices.** incl. support
  • 7 days / week (excl. holidays)

Note: One off price and volume pricing are available upon request

*Price includes off the shelf parts for TV’s up to 55 inches. Mountings and fixtures for TVs over 55 inches will be charged at cost. Where TV is moved away from main cabling then additional cabling costs may be incurred as this will be discussed during the free initial assessment.

** As above and includes connection of all peripheral devices but excludes programming of home automation which will be discussed during the free initial assessment.

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