Sky Glass – You Don’t Need a Dish Anymore for Sky

Sky is the largest pay for TV provider in the UK with 13 million subscribers.  Sky Digital offered viewers much more choice and included a better picture, more channels and features that enabled them to play games and watch sports from different cameras. It really did change the way in which viewers enjoyed TV.  Sky revolutionised TV, they were the first main provider to offer High Definition and they continue to innovate.

The biggest drawback for Sky is the ugly satellite dish bolted onto the front of the property. But now that could be a thing of the past.

People do not want a satellite dish installed on the exterior of their home. Instead, they want to take advantage of faster internet speeds and the ability to stream shows whenever they want to, and this is where Sky Glass really steps up.

No Need for a Dish

One of the best advantages of opting for Sky Glass is the fact that you no longer need to have a dish installed. Sky Glass now makes it possible for homeowners to get rid of their dish and improve the look of their homes. There won’t be any cables attached to the brickwork and that again will help to create a better-looking property.

So How Does It Work?

More people are now watching content through streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Sky has decided to make their service available in the same way. This means viewers can now stream live TV and on-demand services such as Sky Sports using their internet connection.

Instead of a satellite dish and a Sky box, everything is done through the Sky Glass TV that includes everything that users need.  This means that all you’ll require is a reliable internet connection with a minimum speed of 10Mbps.

With a reliable connection, you will have no issues using Sky Glass as this will ensure you have a stable connection. Furthermore, it will ensure that other devices connecting to your network won’t have an impact on your speed. All of this makes sure that you benefit from easy streaming that delivers high-quality content when you want it.

So, to make sure that you benefit from everything that Sky Glass offers. If you have any questions about internet speeds in your area, home broadband connection or anything else please contact us.