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Welcome to the Cheshire Smart Homes Website – The only place to go for Home Cinema in Chester.

We are a service led custom audio visual installation company, bringing the latest in digital home entertainment into your home. From flat screen TVs to full scale home cinema systems, multiroom audio, high definition video distribution, lighting control and smart home integration.

We regularly work with architects, interior designers and builders to bring you the home cinema of your dreams.

Choosing and specifying which AV, TV & Hi-Fi equipment is best for your home cinema installation can be an extremely time consuming process.

Cheshire Smart Homes has the experience to make that decision for you.

Performing even the simplest home cinema installation of a wall-mounted plasma screen and speakers may require tricky routing of cables in the wall. If the home cinema installation is to be seamless and ‘family-friendly’ then maybe it’s best to let the professionals take charge.

Clients may choose to have a discreet install, or a fully dedicated home theatre room. Cheshire Smart Homes can advise on the best home entertainment solution for anyone who would rather not specify or install the home theatre themselves.

  • As audio/video professionals, we form a team with your architect, your interior designer, and your craftsmen. Each discipline brings its expertise and experience to bear on the common goal: create the best space possible for you and your needs. Together the team members propose ideas, improve them, and incorporate them into an overall design.
  • Sometimes there are tradeoffs. The best-sounding speaker system might be too visually prominent. Or the room dimensions might be acoustically unfortunate. Or wallpaper in the home theater might tint the video green.
  • In these tradeoff situations, we don’t advocate; we educate. Once we’ve informed you of the multi-disciplinary consideration, you can then make your best decisions. Our luxury bespoke home cinema systems can be designed to match your requirements and individual needs. We understand that a client’s design needs can be very specific.

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