Support Services

Home technology is changing rapidly.  Most manufacturers will change their hardware every 2 years and their software every 2 months. This makes it impossible for you to keep track and manage all the updates needed.

Teams, meet, messenger zoom. Where will it all end!

Our Supported service includes a device survey (phones, laptops, and smart tech) to understand how you use your devices, how secure and up to date are they and if they are likely to be made “end of life” any time soon.

We can manage and support all aspects of your IT support requirements; desktops; laptops; applications; e-mail; website; servers; data; security; conferencing & networks, CCTV – we have it covered.

We believe every business should invest in a smart, managed IT infrastructure to produce optimal results

Our Supported service ranges from picking up the phone when you have an issue with a phone or laptop to reprogramming your home automation system. 

If you feel like you a need a little TLC, tech love and care that is, then we are here to help.