CCTV and Monitoring in Chester

Do you have a home security system?

Most of our clients have a need for security. But CCTV and Monitoring in Chester is only part of the solution. At Cheshire Smart Homes we will take the time to walk you through the property and examine all your security needs.

Placement of cameras is one deterrent, but perimeter detection is a far more effective solution, the further you can keep intruders the less likely they are to succeed in accessing your property.

Perimeter detection and surveillance systems allow you the most time to identify an issue and take the right actions to keep your family and possessions safe. 

These systems can also be improved through the use of facial recognition technology to identify intruders and high resolution cameras with night vision can be used in a court of law to ensure that anyone who has attempted to access the property can be identified and prosecuted.

24-hour alarm monitoring coupled with the latest in analytics to prevent “false positives” and accidentally raising the alarm are now commonplace in most properties.

Not having your surveillance recording in the cloud and ensuring that you have sufficient recording capabilities to trace back months (as most would be intruders will often spend weeks identifying possible targets) are some of the areas we will discuss with you.

Locks, alarms, and biometric access controls can all be used to enhance your safety and security.

Cheshire Smart Homes also offer you the option to improve your existing or new security systems with COVID safe or infection management solutions.  Mask detection software can be used identify anyone approaching who is not wearing a mask. Thermal imaging can be to identify if anyone approaching has a temperature. Our range of hand sanitiser solutions can show you if visitors or tradespeople are regularly sanitising their hands.

We offer 24/7/365 monitoring of your properties and can organise for key holding and alarm response, entry and access control systems so everyone feels safe all the time.

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