Natural Light Harvesting – All You Need to Know

The first commercial light bulb became available in 1880, since then we have relied on artificial light in our homes.

Using your lights at night is unavoidable, but 80% of homeowners use their lights during the day. The truth is the position of our homes in relation to the sun as well as the weather conditions contribute to the amount of natural light that enters our home. We often find ourselves turning on our lights during the day when things become too dark then forget to turn them off.

Natural light is much better for our health, but it is also better for our energy bills as it helps us to reduce the amount of energy we use.

Despite this, there is a possibility of taking advantage of natural light harvesting thanks to smart technology to reduce your energy costs.

What is natural light harvesting?

Using the natural light during the day to manage the heating, lighting and shading of your home. Natural light harvesting uses discreet sensors in the home to adjust the intensity of artificial light to either balance, support or offset the amount of natural daylight that enters your rooms.  The same system will also raise and lower blinds to ensure the room temperature remains constant during the day and the same can be applied to the central system.

Why Should You Use Natural Light Harvesting?

Save Energy – We rely on artificial lighting a lot in the UK which means that our energy bills can increase as a result. When you take advantage of natural light harvesting, you will be able to reduce the amount of artificial light you use, which can help to reduce bills.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience – The amount of light is naturally adjusted which helps to aid comfort and you won’t need to keep changing the lights yourself to adapt to the changing levels of light.

A better night’s sleep – There is research to suggest that those who enjoy more natural light during the day sleep better at night.  When you are surrounded by the right amount of light, you will find that your circadian rhythms are not disrupted and that is good for your health and your sleep patterns. Furthermore, it can also help to aid seasonal affective disorders.

Improved Working Conditions – When it comes to working from home, hybrid working or just researching the best energy provider, lighting is especially important.  When you improve the level of light, it will help to improve concentration, mood and will also enhance the health of individuals.

The Importance of the Right System and Network

To take advantage of natural light harvesting, it’s important to install a smart system that reliably monitors light levels in your home or office. This will then actively monitor natural and artificial light before sending a signal to your heating, lighting and shading to automatically adjust.

For your system to work reliably, you need a network that provides a reliable connection, and you should consider having Wi-Fi 6 installed by a professional. This will ensure that multiple devices can connect to your network simultaneously and that includes your natural light harvesting system.