Automatic Blinds – They Offer So Much More

The reality is that our lives are becoming more automated than ever before, and this gives us greater control over the things that we do. More than ever before, our home can now be controlled from our smart devices and that is especially true when it comes to the blinds around your home. Now, you might be wondering why you need automatic blinds, after all, it only takes a matter of seconds to close them and open them yourself but there is more to it than you realise because the benefits are hugely impressive.

Security First

There is always a risk of your home being targeted by thieves. It doesn’t matter whether you are out of the home for a few hours or a two-week holiday, when your blinds are closed, it can act as a deterrent to thieves. In fact, window blinds can help to reduce the chances of burglary by 6% which is not to be ignored.

When the blinds are closed, burglars won’t be able to see into your property while they won’t be able to tell whether someone is at home, so they are more likely to avoid the risk.

Manage Your Home When You Aren’t There

Automatic blinds are not just excellent for helping to reduce the risk of crime, but they enable you to manage your home when you aren’t there. With the likes of Lutron blinds, they come with smart app capabilities that allow you to control them in several ways. You can open blinds that you might have forgotten to open, and you can close them if you have forgotten to close them.

Essentially, it gives you the opportunity to manage your home on a micro level, but it also makes it possible to look like someone is home too, which is always a positive.

Reduce Wasted Energy Costs

So, you might have your smart heating on a timer or schedule which means that it comes on at set times. Furthermore, you might just have a standard heating system, but many radiators are located beneath windows. This means that a percentage of heat is lost via the windows. Furthermore, cold air can enter the home through draughts through windows and this causes your heating system to work harder, making it less efficient. Therefore, if you can close your automatic blinds when your heating comes on, it will prevent less heat from escaping and will ensure cold air is reduced. All this will help to lower your energy bills, which is especially important when it comes to current energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis.

What Makes All of this Possible?

All of this smart equipment relies on a reliable network which is why it pays to invest in Wi-Fi 6. The more devices you have connected to your network, the more important it is to have a network that can handle an increase in connections. This will enable your automatic blinds to work alongside all other devices in your home.