Protect Your Home With Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

For many years, homeowners have been relying on smoke alarms to protect us and our homes. As simple as they might be, that loud siren or beep that they emit gives us enough of a warning that smoke has been detected in your home. While you can have several dotted throughout your home, they only give you a basic warning, which is enough, but it is time that we expect more. This is because technology has evolved, and this is where Nest is really making a difference with their smoke alarms.

It’s About Being Connected

When a fire breaks out, night or day, it’s vital that you are made aware of it. Whether you are sleeping and need to evacuate your property quickly or are out of your home, it helps to know that you need to call the Fire Brigade. Nest Protect is connected to your network which means that it communicates with other alarms throughout your home.

What this means is that if there is smoke downstairs, the alarm in your bedroom will tell you where it is. This enables you to avoid those danger areas and work out how to evacuate the property or deal with the problem without putting yourself at risk.

Keep Everyone Informed

Nest Protect isn’t like a standard alarm that just sits there doing nothing until it is called into action. This is because this smart device is constantly monitoring and working to identify any problems. Whether it’s monitoring for carbon monoxide, checking its own batteries or a fire, it will inform all users via the smart app instantly. This allows you to act, even when you aren’t at home.

All family members can have their own account. This means that they can all use their device to control their Nest Protect. So, if something is wrong, everyone will receive an alert.

It Can Detect the Type of Fire

A fire is a fire, right? Not quite which is where the Nest Protect really stands out. When a fire breaks out, speed is of the essence, but it helps to know if you have to evacuate really quickly or if you have some time. We all know that many different fabrics and types of furniture can burn quickly, taking over a home in a matter of minutes which is where you have to act fast when a fast-burning fire is taking hold. However, what about a slow, smouldering fire that gives you more time to deal with it or get out? The Nest Protect can tell you which kind of fire is in your home, which is vital for taking the right action.

Get More from Your Nest Protect With the Right Network

As the Nest Protect connects to your home network, you need to know that it has a solid and stable connection. This is where Wi-Fi 6 will really make a difference to your home as it will ensure that your Nest Protect can connect along with all of the other devices in your home. This is where it is important that you use Wi-Fi 6 specialists who can install your network correctly and ensure that your Nest Protect continues to protect you and your home.