Top Security Solutions Need the Latest Network Connections

It has become imperative that we all take care when it comes to securing our homes. While basic security such as locks can work, there are other solutions available that can offer you peace of mind.

Crime levels are high in certain parts of the UK but where you live does not matter as we are all at risk of having our homes burgled. While we might think that having our homes broken into won’t happen to us, it is wrong to think that way but furthermore, it makes sense to invest in the right security. This is where you might want to think about Dahua Security and the network cameras that they offer.

The Wizmind Series

The Wizmind series is designed to strengthen security on every level because it not only acts as a highly effective deterrent, but it also makes it possible to actively monitor your home on a whole new level.

The devices are designed to capture images and give you the ability to capture anything that might look suspicious. Even if the worst happens and you find that your property has been compromised, then you can revert to the captured footage to begin the process of identifying the perpetrator.

A Complete View

Monitoring an area with old security technology often meant that you could only see what the camera was pointing at. This left other areas of your property exposed and these blind spots meant that it was not possible to capture people or vehicles that should not be there. However, the Wizmind series does things differently because the 360-degree fisheye lens means that you won’t have any problems keeping an eye on the entire area with high-quality images.

This means that there are no blind spots and that gives you the scope to actively monitor the entire area with ease.

Innovative Technology

Let’s be honest, we all want our security solutions to do more. We want them to monitor and capture things that might be a concern. This is the reason why they are more than just a deterrent because when they are needed, they need to deliver exactly what we are looking for.

Fortunately, the Wizmind series is powered by an AI chip and deep learning algorithms, making them smart devices that offer accurate detection as well as having the ability to recognise humans and vehicles. This makes it possible to take the right course of action. Furthermore, there are applications available that offer face recognition and even thermal imaging, making it possible to spot intruders during harsh weather.

It all Relies on One Thing…….

For your system to work correctly, you need the right network because a strong and reliable connection is especially important. This is where Wi-Fi 6 can help to deliver a connection that enables you to maximise the use of your Dahua Security system. With a reliable connection that is installed by an expert, you can be sure that you can trust it to keep your property protected.