Why You Shouldn’t Become Another Crime Statistic

Our homes are more protected than ever before on a basic level because modern windows and doors are extremely challenging for criminals. They come with improved locks, thicker glass and are generally more solid but overall, it still isn’t enough. In fact, it is not just the inside of your home that you must protect, you need to protect the exterior of your home as well as any vehicles, this is the reason why you should consider other forms of security.

Essentially, the more security you have, the more unlikely it will be that your property is targeted by criminals, so it makes sense to invest in the right system.

Crime in the UK

Burglary is still very much a risk in the UK, regardless of how much more secure our homes have become. Furthermore, criminals don’t always break in, but they can gain access through doors that might be left open, which means that they don’t force their way in. Bearing in mind that during 2020 and 2021 we spent much of our time in lockdown, in England and Wales there were still 267,931 recorded burglaries. This proves that criminals were still highly active, and your home was at risk.

Over the last ten years, burglary figures have remained steady, sitting at around 400,000 to 500,000 offences each year. This is a staggering figure and averages out at between 1095 and 1369 burglaries every day.

The Importance of CCTV

As mentioned, your standard locks might be enough to slightly reduce the risk of break-ins but there is more that you can do. With a high-quality CCTV system, you can deter criminals and further reduce the risk of being targeted. In fact, experts believe that domestic burglaries could be reduced by 67% if people had CCTV in place.

There are many different types of systems out there to choose from and this includes the likes of Dahua and Hikvision. CCTV is more complex than ever before, and it is extremely sophisticated which is why it is now acting as more of a deterrent. Certain systems now have Artificial Intelligence built-in which enables them to do much more. This can include being able to capture images during bad weather and even face-detection while the likes of a fisheye lens make it possible to cover more of your property. So, it is clear to see why CCTV is an important addition to your home security.

The Effect of Burglaries

People tend to believe that it will never happen to them but, any one of us could become a victim of crime. Once a break-in or burglary has taken place, it doesn’t end there. The impact can last for a long time as it can lead to loss of sleep, a lack of confidence, fear of being alone, illness, depression, and stress as well as cause you to move home.

All of this simply is not worth the risk and that means that you should consider installing a new CCTV system that protects your home.

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